busy afternoon – rainbow tent – man from Brazil #diary

Well my son’s only been gone one afternoon and already magical things are taking me in all directions (again.) Kate from over the road invited me over for a glass of wine and to introduce me to her new lodger. She gets a lot of them as she rents out her spare room to exchange students. They come from all over the world in all shapes and sizes with so many tales of the bigger world out there. It’s F.A.B.

Last one was French. He cooked for us. All six of us actually. We loved it. Not sure it got him down a bit towards the end. The new one who arrived today is from Brazil. His English is already coming along. Thursday we’re taking him up the Yorkshire Dales and I will take lots of pictures. He’s already invited us all to Brazil and I am going! Have always wanted to go there plus Columbia. Both on my bucket list.

I’ve told the girls I am selling up and it didn’t go as well I expected. I think we’ve all got quite fond of the adventures on this street!

Been working on the rainbow tent project all afternoon with Kris and Karlyn (online.) Bought loads of cushions, rugs. Was fun. It’s going to be great and busy! It will be a hub for people to come together who feel fragmented by inner turmoil and life in general. A place to bring love back to the epicentre of all that we do away from the glare of the web.

I do have to make sacrifices. One of which will be Twitter. I keep getting pulled back into it as I want to support my friends but it ‘as always’ makes me feel miserable. I wish I could be tougher on myself.

My book is not a whim, (I do write every day … ) it’s about my journey but how do you write a book simultaneously. It’s hard! So much happens on a daily basis. I’ve been advised by a friend not to put it online until it is actually finished for a plethora of reasons. (Where to begin … am tired today.)


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