for my son – may your journey bring knowledge

Dropped my youngest son at the airport. He works so hard – seldom taking time for himself. Previous time was when we went to Amsterdam last year. He hasn’t even visited Annona in Wales yet.

I can’t help being sentimental – he’s a grown up now and very independent. Never been a worry. Neither of my boys have. They do their own thing which makes me forever more proud and sometimes a little guilty as I walk my own journey with little demand. I’m lucky.

My youngest son has built a property portfolio using only his own craftsmanship. He’s provided affordable housing for tenants. He’s a degree in surveying but chose to work this way as opposed to office life.



Just sitting at the airport meant we had time without the usual distractions of our phones and things to get done. We talked on a higher level. We can do that. We are like-minded. He’s a wise soul. So spiritually connected and well researched yet, practically driven. Ahead of me on both counts. They both are.

My eldest son amongst other things, collects world artefact and listens to Mozart alongside drum n’ bass. He loves music and philosophy. Between them they cover everything I could wish for.

As I walked away my youngest son said, ‘Mum, keep in good spirit.’

It’s the way he said it.

I walked away holding a cappuccino in a cardboard cup, wearing my favourite red trainers and an orange plastic festival jacket – grinning from cheek to cheek. I didn’t look back. (But I wanted to …)

I said he should take a camera – record the break. He replied, ‘I don’t need to do that.’ He hasn’t even got a smart phone. Just some old tatty thing. Whereas, I can be overly decadent with gadgets. Although, not phones. I only lose them.

I wish him a journey full of abundance as he travels alone.

TBH. (Mum.) X

4 thoughts on “for my son – may your journey bring knowledge

  1. Congratulations to your sons for crafting their own productive and fulfilling lives.
    Special congratulations to you for gifting the world with them.
    Best wishes

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