nice start to the day #diary

Had to share this canvas for which I’m delighted that arrived this morning together with some prints of Foley to make a collage for Annona. This is Kris and Karlyn, they are strong, resilient ladies who work to help others ever day of their lives.


I’m setting up a small partnership with Karlyn to bring people together. Holistic work is much the same as volunteer work. It’s not about us – it’s about you so we stay in the background. We’ve softly put the word out there away from the web (mainstream) and are delighted to already have almost 50 people on our mailing list. The groups will only consist of a max of 8 people. (Apart from festival work.)


I’m moving and have lots going on plus Karlyn helps with lots of care work during the week so our new project is like a hobby for us both. We’re really excited. The tent arrived yesterday and some of the ethnic cushions. We’ve sourced two big faux fur rugs. It’s all moving along.






Then I’ve got a few of these faux fur head dresses for us all to wear when we have our Shakti Dancing groups. A great way to let go and connect with the universe, land and music.




Here’s a random picture of the home front that delights me. It’s a table and two chairs I painted a few years ago now in the kitchen of my little place, all propped up. Cost hardly anything. I despise dark wood furniture. I like light and airy. So this completes the basement. Ready for new adventures! (Spot my ice machine!) Not my entire taste with all here but I’m doing this on a set budget. (Without wishing to sound a ‘snob’ I don’t like plastic kettles and black microwaves – prefer chrome, but using what I have lying around.) The decanter is a piece of Italian artefact. I adore the bloody thing and hope I never break it!




Finally, a print that is just lovely. The amazing Sophia Loren. She’s gorgeous. Love how she is wrapped up in a blanket.


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