Janet’s Foss – North Yorkshire (magical) #video. Home to the Queen of the Fairies #folklore

Here’s a video I created of Janet’s Foss – North Yorkshire, set in the beautiful village of ‘Malham’ located within the Yorkshire Dales. There is nothing I could possibly write to explain the enchantment of this utterly mystical woodland. If you get the opportunity to visit here, you will not be disappointed.


10 thoughts on “Janet’s Foss – North Yorkshire (magical) #video. Home to the Queen of the Fairies #folklore

      1. Precisely! And what a lovely response! Thank you!
        I believe in fairies, elves, angels and the list goes on! Even Science teaches us that there is more that we cannot see in this Universe than what we can!
        And yes, it has to be very discouraging to live in the system 🙂
        Love and light to you 💖

      2. Awwww! Thank you fellow beautiful Goddess! Oh and I agree! Life is so much better that way.
        I named myself LadyG for that very reason. I get to be royalty in my own magickal world! LOL!!!!
        I am having a very nice weekend and I hope that you are too ✨

      3. I’ve been designing the interior of a rainbow tent to do gatherings to try to connect people back with Gaia. Going to put some photographs of it on here next weekend. It’s amazing. So much earth energy combined with universal flow. Would love you to come see it if ever you can transcend yourself there! xx

      4. haha! Now I will pledge to create a video of the space for you when it is finished so you can be with us in your magnificent spirit! You could even do a talk for us by return. Who knows where this will lead! We’re all on the same crystal star after all my friend! 🙂

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