Magical Malham – North Yorkshire – UK #diary

Yesterday I climbed a waterfall (mountain) named Malham Cove with my neighbour and friend ‘Kate’ plus her sweet and charming guest ‘Andre’ from Brazil. It was one of the best days of my life. At first when I saw the virtually vertical steps ‘up’ I thought ‘I’m never going to conquer this.’ But I did!


Andre and Kate held the dogs for me as we ventured up the limestone hill. The views were too breath-taking to comprehend. We have a magnificent planet. The moving thing that everyone was equally in awe of the scenery – we met many wonderful people from all over the world and of course ‘Yorkshire.’ I love to connect with folk but it’s fair to say ‘Yorkshire’ people are so down to earth and approachable. Wherever I go I make new friends. It’s never too much trouble for people to take time to talk and get to know one another.

I met this beautiful couple from Essex who are celebrating 40 years of marriage. They’re still in love. She said ‘it’s about forgetting the past, loving today and being excited for the future.’ They left an imprint on all our hearts.


Andre, despite studying English for just 6 months was trying so hard to communicate. We taught him words like puddle, rock, stone, bark, tree, feather and so on. He’s a darling. I just wish my son were here to meet him as they’re the same age and I think they’d get on really well.


A lot happened yesterday. I believe nature is laced with miracles if we slow down to see them. The most amazing magic to come. We discovered an authentic fairy garden with caves. It blew me away. I felt the energy grab my soul. I could have stayed there forever.


I’ve taken so many photographs it would take a week to get them all here so probably better I put them on a video as I don’t want them to get buried away in a folder on my computer. They need to be shared. But I’ve added a few to start with. Life is magical.


I am going to add the pictures later. You’ll see Malham Cove.ย Gordale Scar and Janets Foss which is the fairy queen land. It was hard to put into words. I just hope the images take you there with me. I must make time to show you!

Malham is a must visit. Particularly if you live in Yorkshire. GET YOURSELF THERE! It’s free to climb and the views are panoramic. There’s little pubs and tea-rooms and places to stay over too! It’s so romantic – am blown away and such good company. Thank you Kate and Andre. What a day! More soon on the fairy land and waterfalls. So excited!


17 thoughts on “Magical Malham – North Yorkshire – UK #diary

    1. My gosh photographs do not capture it. The top is a ledge of limestone. It was scarey to balance to get across but we did it. The dogs were so good. Evie the little one was trembling but she soon got her confidence Simon. X

      1. Really! Do you rock climb! I saw two climbers I took a photograph of them. Will put on here to show you! How amazing. It’s breathtaking. Withering Heights inspired plus Beatrix Potter wrote up there. So romantic and beautiful. Lost in time. I loved the place.

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