nature’s mirror – coming home

I can be beautiful, like a radiant shell wet with waves – glistening with salt from the sea. Real ‘salt’ from nature’s myth. You can put me on your mantelpiece. The most astounding piece of artefact. Money can’t buy it.

Or I can walk from the cloth I wear that has no value, hair not combed but clean – I save time to see love without vanity.


I can balance – be both – but I cannot do it all. My soul – my plug to the ground – a portal of all that are and ever was. A little trip to Earth before going home leaves no time for contemplation. I love ‘one’ with all my heart as much as I love a duty to undo so much damage by the system of plastic packages, toxic pens and littered pavements.


It’s not my work to seek you. It’s yours to find me and those on a quest of unconditional love – be it close, distant or impossible at this time.

Colour – laughter – sacrifice. I shall find my home. To be simple in a world of chaos. When one becomes two we shall love without rules. It will be done.

There can only be love. It’s not a privilege it’s a gift beyond flesh and bones. Beyond preparation of expectation. It’s free and it’s all we ever have and only what we leave with. But if you want vanity I will spend a day being groomed and write about being tame from a cell in the system – captured by a sadness I’ve never desired. Lead the way if it brings you joy. I will share your sorrow.


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