Babu so far!

This week I’ve been staying with a friend who has lost a family member. Quiet times, a little ‘time out’ to heal very broken hearts.

I’ve also been working with my beautiful girls on our ‘Babu’ project. Here’s some pictures so far. There’s a lot more to do but you can see that the boho ‘handmade’ cushions look so small in the tent. We’re going to need loads. We’re waiting on orders to arrive. There’s going to be lots of rugs, a wood burner, candles, wind-chimes, Tibetan bells etc. It’s very much work in progress but we’re all delighted. This beautiful weather has aided our outdoor work. Humbled! I am delighted with the carpet. It had to be so right. (I can be fussy …)

Next weekend I should be able to post some images of the finished space! I really hope you will visit us. All are so very welcome. Wherever you are. We’ll let you know more soon. Of course you do not have to be spiritually knowledgeable to be with us. It’s about being free and enjoying time in your own beautiful peace.

Please note to protect the privacy of our clients we will not be posting events here. Please contact me using the link on my menu to learn more. All contact ‘as always’ remains strictly confidential. 


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