Babu so far – forthcoming gatherings

Karlyn kindly sent me these photographs of ‘Babu’ today. I believe I have a cushion fetish as I still think we need loads more? It’s as though the space is getting bigger the more we put in it!? Only time will tell, we shall see how comfy everyone is when we are holding our gatherings. Been working on the logistics all day. It will take time … small steps (famous last words.)

Altar (so far) just a sample of it from KarlynBabu

The altar. Some of you may wonder what one is? Well, it’s a focal point. In Buddhism they have an altar to aid concentration and focus to the highest form. Our altar will be for candles, crystals and pretty things. Plus, people can bring something along too if it makes them feel more at home. We haven’t put all our bits on it yet but this is just a general idea from Karlyn to show me where we are at with it all. The cover is a gorgeous mandala wall hanging. I think we may try to drape it inside the tent and I will source a smaller one for the altar. (Are we being too fussy?)

Our first gathering will be covering the below topics and will run ever four weeks: (There’s more on the way over the course of the weekend. We’re working on it all now.)

  • Understand Chakras: Getting to know how our inner energy is processed using colour and healing. Talking to you about each chakra and its purpose. Aiding self-healing and awareness.
  • Mindfulness and mindset: Thinking positively and introducing simple techniques into our routine to enhance positivity and inner calm. We will be using the fabulous ‘Mood Cards’ which offer simple methods to incorporate the many feelings that trigger self-doubt and fear. Giving suggestions how you can implement this in to day to day life as a regular routine.
  • An introduction to the Archangels: This does not mean you have to believe but more so understand colour and energy using the purest form of universal love and the benefit of letting Archangels into your life.
  • Synchronicity and Law of Attraction: Nothing is coincidence. How to interpret guidance, signs and numerology into your life.
  • Self-Love: In today’s often demanding and difficult times we can become fragmented where we feel isolated/lonely. We lose touch with our own identity. This topic will cover being free from addictions and breaking cycles to walk freely into the future with a new-found love of life. We will discuss our connection with nature, diet and how mantras and affirmations can enhance the portal between us and the karmic universe.

The above is only a guide line we understand that each group is different. We are all individual and unique in our earth existence so we do ‘also’ allow for our groups to go in the direction of what may ‘crop’ up on the day! We will be guided by your company of which we are humble.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring socks to keep your tootsies warm. Babu has heating and luxurious thick carpet and cushions plus thick fleecy blankets. Please feel free to bring your favourite pillow or cushion if you wish. (Although it’s not necessary.) You may also want to bring your favourite crystal or talisman to put on the altar.

If you think you may be interested, please let me know using the contact form above and we can email you the website particulars etc. We are also offering tailor made packages for corporate bookings and one to one ‘guru’ style treatments offering mind, body and soul alignments for those who can afford it. All this will only be available via our website where you can make enquiries, speak with myself or Karlyn and reserve bookings.



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