A Babu Day (again) peaceful space #gatherings #wellbeing all welcome!

It’s torrential rain here, sounds beautiful in a tent. All in all a ‘lovely day’ spent with friends and family. We’ve been huddled in ‘Babu’ planning events and discussing how we can offer our services as authentically as possible. We want to bring people together not drive them apart. A space to relax and find real peace in bohemian settings. Here’s us dressing up, being silly, talking with our ‘inner’ child! Letting go of all the dogma and falsehood and being true to our core values.


To appreciate life’s simple luxury in our own space of thought. To have fun, laugh, talk, and forget social expectation and ego. We hope today brings joy and love. That everyone is having a lovely week! More soon …

Red Chakra

Tiffy, Karlyn, Kris and Babu. X

14 thoughts on “A Babu Day (again) peaceful space #gatherings #wellbeing all welcome!

      1. Really about me 🙂 I am happy to hear that Tif ,that is really surprise for me. Yea water,prayer and meditation but also the frequency ,that are the areas about I am talking a lot. Those are the biggest secrest of the Universe

      2. I agree,people need to communicate with other people,real people,with positive people. I believe that we need share positive energy over the globe. On Twitter of course,here over the net.

      3. That is real positive circle. I love to helping people too. I feel so great when I can help. Also I feel so strange when someone wants to help me on any way

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