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Whilst my preference is toward men – are any of us ‘really’ in a position to determine who anyone chooses to love? Love is LOVE! What are we doing?!

Are we telling our children love is rude and awkward. No wonder there’s so many people stuck in stagnant relationships or worse still ‘lonely and depressed’ due to mainstream social pressure! It disgusts me to the stomach. What is happening to ‘so called’ humane issues? I sincerely believe it’s the third dimensional trail impeding our detriment. Holding us back, the controllers! Creating ‘fake’ fear scenarios to conform us, just because they’re not happy in their own bones. I feel so strongly about this!

There’s people creating groups to attack those with indifferent religious values, what they wear, what they read. Can they not focus on their own business and let freedom of living be!


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    • Yes love is the answer. Too many people trying to sabotage freedom because they are not happy. It’s all above love and standing up to the hate. Love will always win. As for you saying I am a light being, I feel humble. You write like an Angel and from your heart. Your words are powerful and passionate. I send you so much love πŸ™‚

  1. It’s so sad because children are exposed to all different types of love – being fed, sheltered, and having other basic needs met – alongside perverse abuse – told they’re not good enough, compared to others, or other forms of emotional, mental, physical, or sexual abuse. This is so confusing when these basic needs are met by the same person showing them in toxic abuse. The two become one in the eyes of a child, adolescent, and eventually adult as they continue believing these patterns of being given a little just to be mistreated are in fact love. We must constantly promote love among one another and show each other what love truly is – whether holding a door open, sharing a smile, or giving a stranger a compliment. There are so many ways to express love. It is unconditional and pure. The only right way I know how to love is make others FEEL good in the way all of their billions of beautiful cells light up and tingle in a shimmery dance of elation. I love your blog. I love your words. You constantly move me. Thanks for all the love today! You are a Goddess!

  2. Damn. I left a beautiful comment and WordPress didn’t post it. How disappointing.

    Well, I was going to say that love is shown in so many beautiful forms from basic needs such as supplying shelter and food to supporting someone during life changes. However, if a child is shown love by having only their basic needs met and it’s paired with emotional or mental abuse by always being compared or told they’re not good enough, those heinous forms of abuse will bleed into what they interpret as love. They will take this with them through adolescence and adulthood with a skewed perception of what true love is.

    The important thing is to keep showing love in all ways we can even if it’s sharing a smile, opening a door, or giving a compliment. Unconditional love is making another feel every one of their billions of cells tingle in elation while expecting nothing in return. I try to do this as much as possible, and if we all showed even one act of kindness a day it could change so much!

    Your words are always inspiring, and I cherish your outlook. Thanks for all the love today! You are a radiant, beautiful goddess! βœ¨πŸ’—βœ¨

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