How Tragic (shame on these women/mothers)

In our current times, it’s hard enough for children to express their creativity for fear of bullying, religion, culture and a whole range of other stressful situations forced down their throats. Now we have ‘mothers’ determining their ‘freedom’ to choose what they read and wear!

Mothers Attack David Walliams 

Since when could boys not wear a dress? World culture and history throughout the ages does not implicate a ‘shirt and tie.’ I’d love to speak with these ‘women’ face to face but I doubt they’d want to? It’s the normal scenario with alleged ‘free speech.’ They don’t do it when it comes to the crunch.

Photograph below is what you would expect gentlemen to wear in the 16th Century. I wonder whether this group of ‘women’ wear jeans, trainers, track-suits, trousers, shirts? If so, how hypocritical! I personally wish women would come together like many of those I am blessed to know to help unite people, not drive them apart. Hysteria and bullying is prevalent!


Tiffany Belle Harper ©

3 thoughts on “How Tragic (shame on these women/mothers)

  1. there’s also kilts…and i prefer “female” pjs as lounge pants because they don’t have button-up flys…plus i’m into bright colors…so if i had boys and they wanna wear “female” clothes i’d buy his choices…we’re bombing hospitals by ‘accident’ and we gotta fight over clothing…SMDH!!!!!

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