On Sex and the Divine Feminine #guestblog

Zoe Hartwood

I’ve been mulling over this for a little while. My feelings and understanding of this have been growing stronger, and the inspiration to write has descended!

So, the Divine Feminine…like feminism but with delusions of grandeur? Not the way way I feel and understand it. (It’s worth noting at this point that I don’t mean this post to be man-bashing in anyway, I just haven’t personally experienced the “divine masculine” so I don’t feel able to write about it.)

The way I understand the Divine Feminine is still fairly intuitive and it’s tricky to get the right words to explain. But I’ll try… It involves rekindling the solidarity and sisterhood of women, who in our modern society are taught to see as enemies (out to steal our beloved with a flash of their perfectly lined eyes, mascara-ed lashes and “bikini body”, obtained by a ruthless diet and hours at the…

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