‘Free Thinking’ only love can set Nature free

I love meeting people in real life or even ‘speaking’ on the phone – then, reading blogs as you get the un-edited version of who a person really is to a better degree than pre-meditated bulletins and shares.

I see those who attack others for their gender preference or religious values are forming groups to alienate others – when we should be coming together to tackle the empowering acts of nature, which, really – to me, is all that matters for our salvation. Love is the Answer. If we do things from an insincere mindset or to seek revenge, we can never reach a peaceful conclusion.

I used to think ego was about fame as I was bullied by a couple who used their following to make my life as miserable as possible during my times of using social media to help animals, but now I see ego as a disease that spreads from the streets to the sky. It’s not confined. It’s a worthless characteristic on the increase, orchestrated, ‘primarily’ by those who find power by spreading fear. Often seeking desperate measures for ‘praise’ and validation. ‘Selling their souls.’ Becoming transfixed on destroying others in the most ‘indirect’ and back-handed of ways – white washed in a coating of ‘icing’ sugar. It must be hard to live that way? To go to the extreme of manifesting ‘work’ and objectives based on that resentment.

I am not overly political yet I am a member of the Labour Party because I have developed a warmth to some of the people in the organisation. This does not mean I am unable to remain a ‘free thinker.’ We all have attributes, there’s good and bad in many debates. I enjoy healthy discussions. I like having an opinion around like-minded people. I’m glad my sons are of the same freedom. I will always believe Jeremy Corbyn has nothing but good intent for the future. Seeing him speak in person, validates this further.

I’m not a brilliant Mum. Each day I have regrets. Could I have done the job better? But as long as my children are true to themselves and enjoy what they do, my life feels more worthwhile.

Taking regardless ‘sides’ can often mean becoming biased to such a degree no solution can ever be reached? Which is a shame. It’s all about tolerance and acceptance. I would never attack someone else for ‘liking’ a person I do not. That’s school ground tactics – for which, as a child I’ve been victim, for being (I suppose) ‘different’ a daydreamer and it has, at stages, followed me through life. It’s a sad thing, really, but part of the journey, I suppose.

Removing ‘self’ from the outlets that seems to ‘hinder’ the attacks has not really had an effect, keeping a personal blog to share with an open heart, continues to annoy. But it’s about focusing on the positive impact and remaining consistent. Although, hard at times.


For a few years, my life went through a low point due to circumstances way beyond my control and the more everything improves the ‘more’ hurtful the things that happened to me during that time become. It’s a wonder I am still here. I am in a huge ‘letting go of past pain’ process to move forward. The only way I can describe how it felt, is when I see a ‘vixen’ being hunted for her freedom by controllers on horse back. It’s a dark trip.

I have been attacked for speaking ‘good’ of people but how else do we mend broken bridges. It not by ‘exclusion.’ The two thing I do despise, more than anything are lies and injustice. Since a child I have felt an overwhelming need to address this face to face. And it’s strange as they never want to do that? Perhaps school ground bullies never really evolve – where there’s this ‘security blanket’ that leads them to believe ‘safety in numbers’ is great. Saddest thing is, they lead the vulnerable who know no better and are often blinkered to bias, waiting to be told what to do next. ‘Fans’ with no goals.

I suppose I am somewhat naive as when I started blogging I thought it a good way to leave my blue-print for my family tree, the blogging community and people who knew me or connecting in a circle of ‘absolute’ consciousness (a soul family) but whatever we do online will attract those from ‘both’ sides. Wish I could press some kind of ‘block’ button here but can’t. I do know that no matter what, those who love to write should always keep going as to feel so overwhelmed that ‘silence’ would be easier is a slow decline back to the dark.

Only LOVE is great and only LOVE will change this planet. TBH

6 thoughts on “‘Free Thinking’ only love can set Nature free

  1. Wonderful post Tiffany, people with ego problems are usually far too self-absorbed to realise it in the first place. Blogging is a wonderful outlet for me and more often than not, it’s my most unfiltered self and I absolutely love it. You go girl.

    1. Ditto J. Thank you. Yes you are right abou ‘ego’ they are stuck in the 3rd dimension and are mostly unaware they are in that constriction. Yesterday was a full moon and it’s always a powerful transition for all of us who are awake, especially women. We are penetrated by the moon energy. Have a really stunning week 🙂

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