With #Nature and Karlyn brainstorming in the hills of Wales!

Karlyn and myself went for a drive today to explore more of Wales and discuss our workshops – my mind’s working over-time. It’s rained all day with pleasant bouts of ‘sunshineness.’ We’ve been, quite literally, up in the clouds!

Life is very magnificent even in three jumpers and my (very old) festival jacket. Time to think about preparing supper and ground my head-space. I sincerely hope everything is going well for you this week.

By the way … this blog comes from my pop up tent alongside a very mucky Evie B!



With Love. TBH©

6 thoughts on “With #Nature and Karlyn brainstorming in the hills of Wales!

  1. The beauty of Wales! Clearly it brought much delight to you and your friend! That is what life should be about 💞

    I had a good friend from there. She named her daughter Llyswen after a village or hamlet in the area.

    Also, my dear WP friend and writer Roger (Woebegone but hopeful) of Heroicallybadwriters hails from Wales.

    Much love and light to you dear 🙂

    1. Small world. You must come to UK. I have a static home in Wales. It’s heaven on Earth. I am a nester. I love nesting, cooking! Life is so short here. Nature is like heaven on earth. I know Roger! He is a gorgeous kindred spirit and always takes time to say nice things. Small WORLD !!! Massive Kudos to you Lady G. XxXx

      1. Roger is the best, isn’t he?
        I am going to set an intention to get to see you and your beautiful country! Best wishes to you my love!

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