Begging the Question by Sherwyn Jellico #review by Tiffany Belle Harper #bookreview (OCD and Depression in Poetry)



Begging the Question: Commentating depression and OCD in a frank and ‘deeply’ creative way. An artistic, viewpoint in book form by writer and poet Sherwyn Jellico who also illustrated and edited his first book, ‘Begging the Question.’



Begging the Question is available now on Kindle. Here’s my review via Amazon.

[A deep and somewhat tangled look at the complexity of the human mind. Coupled (or tripled, even) with a sense of frustration that ignites with a genius and controversial take on many digressions the brain and subconscious will take throughout various stages during our lives. I believe ‘we’ all experience segments of this thought provoking journal of mind and expansive expression. While many may be in denial, Sherwyn Jellico nails the conditions he describes with an openness together with a ‘quirky’ and definitely off-beat gift of words.

‘Begging the Question’ an educational insight into the ‘prime’ awkwardness created by today’s expectations within ‘aged’ establishments that deem those not of ‘mainstream’ unworthy or obscure. Fascinating read. One of those manuscripts you can open on any page and find a new journey within wit and obvious sorrow. Begging the Question doesn’t tackle resolve but more a revelation that I find refreshing. We sometimes need to share and not to preach. To listen and absorb. I have found this educational, particularly for my well-being groups that I host where I try to approach with alternative methods. One of which being, ‘to listen – to learn – to grow.’]


You can download ‘Begging the Question by Sherwyn Jellico via Amazon HERE. It’s currently £3.00 a copy. This post is not an advertisement or endorsement. I purchased the book as it’s useful for the work I do as an Alternative Therapist. I love all things unconventional, stepping out the box if it comes from passion and truth.

You can find Sherwyn Jellico on WordPress Here.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

6 thoughts on “Begging the Question by Sherwyn Jellico #review by Tiffany Belle Harper #bookreview (OCD and Depression in Poetry)

  1. Tiffany – I’m sorry – I totally missed the original posting. Thank you once again for your lovely review. It was really appreciated when the book was launched as that is a pivotal time. Alas, the book isn’t doing very well but at least I tried to promote it the best I could. I guess people don’t like poetry much nowadays. I was warned about that so it’s not a huge shock. Onwards and upwards. Time to write about forbidden love and wizards I think!!!

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