making the most of space #diary #interiordesign

I’ve been helping my son with a large house he bought at auction, where he’s converted it to three flats, providing affordable housing to the community. He’s done it all on his own and I am so proud. The last of the three gets rented out today. Well done!

I’ve been playing with small spaces. I just love nesting. I found two shelves from Ikea I forgot I bought. So I’ve put them up in the kitchen and propped them with things I used for camping to make the walls look colourful. It hasn’t cost a penny and has added character to my basement, that was once just a dark, damp room!

We can utilise space with affordable storage so easily!

None of the walls are level in my basement and hallway, it’s a quirky spot of Leeds. I must add, no more slugs. I’ve had a door bar and draft excluder fitted and sealed all the newly fitted skirting boards! I’ve been very busy writing and doing my D.I.Y. It’s good to share our ‘self’ motivation as I believe charity starts at home and when we connect with our living space it improves our general quality of life. I hope you are all having a beautiful week, full of love and kindness.


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