Community is nice #diary

Just caught up with my tail. I’ve been back in Leeds, seeing my son for his birthday. Painting my neighbours, who both work in higher education. (No wonder the children love them so much.) Then, getting excited about lovely new things in the area. I love community. It’s often on our doorstep, we find love. We can be anywhere and get involved, when we look around at our immediate environment.

It’s what makes me happiest!

I am going to the local junk shop soon as I want to turn vinyl albums into place mats and get tiles cut for coasters. Making a small effort gives our Love Nests that special touch. Then, I’m cooking!

Evie’s had her hair done. She is a wriggler, never sits still. Full of beans. Groomer said “it’s like trying to style a rabbit on acid.” Bless! Haha …


19 thoughts on “Community is nice #diary

      1. Yes and we need to ensure all who live here are safe. Too much violence, both mental and physical abuse are out of control. I love community. Face to face works for me. Not social media. X

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