small man syndrome

Some men assume they’re the stronger sex. Maybe in terms of physical strength in many cases? This does not give you permission to harm either women, children or animals. Physical and mental abuse go side by side. It’s all the work of cowards. If you are not prepared to speak face to face with those you attack. You’re a coward. Don’t forget, being hateful and malicious effects not just your victims but their friends and/or family, also.

I despise chauvinistic arrogant behaviour. It’s unattractive and pathetic. No wonder the world’s in a mess with some of the prats out there. Small Man Syndrome is not about height, it’s about an overwhelming ambition to be seen as something you never can be. Words are cheap. You’re born alone, you die alone and everything you think you own gets lost. We go poor to the gates of our next journey. So do something genuine with your small slot here on Earth or shut-up and give your twisted head a break.


Well that’s my lunch time rant. Am off to find a fairy cake now.

It really is that simple.


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