Kris and Karlyn. What a journey!!!

Tea-break. Just sat with my mug and some jam on toast. Am missing my Kris and Karlyn and all the fur kids. And of course Mon. See you soon my beautiful Angels. We have to remember that life is so short and being kind is all that matters. Love is all that matters! Being AWAKE matters! Friendship is everything. Family is our circle and we have so much love around us. We are blessed. I so miss you all. Somedays it feels unbearable. Keep walking. Never stop being amazing women. Thank you.

By the way has little ‘E’ had the baby? I will call you later Kris. I found my phone yesterday, but it’s too early to dial you out of your sleep canoe. Jam – Toast – Tea and my doggies is a nice way to think of you all. Stay Warm! Feel that breeze and be amazed by the skies.


Yours, Tiffy. X


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