The only way to help the homeless, is to hold their hand and take them with you. TBH©

8 thoughts on “truth

  1. Tiffy.

    Words can not express how brave & beautiful your Soul is for helping John along his journey.

    You have inspired me to help homelessness in the only way I can for now – I’ve donated £10 what I can afford at this time to Shelter. A great charity who I know have supported many homeless people buy temporarily giving them a roof over their heads for a few nights why they try to find the right pathway forward.

    Homelessness is a difficult situation to be in for many – I only hope that with people like you Tiff that you help to bring fourth the message of hope for homelessness people that you did so kindly & genuine heartedly for this man.

    You enabled his soul to carry on…. You give him strength by believing in him …..

    Love you Angel heart 💛xxx

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