apologies #diary what a world.

I am impulsive and sometimes I should think before I express my opinion. But this is just a small blog of many millions around the world and the only place I have my own voice. It’s caught such negative attention but some lovely connections too.

I will never be a self made millionaire, I will never be successful in business because I am too distracted by the pain of others. I prefer to get involved. I have nothing to prove as I know I am doing just fine on my journey. I try my best. I am distracted by those who need someone, because I have suffered appalling abuse throughout my life from people I have tried to love and help and I don’t think I can mend myself some days. Being elite doesn’t mean being happy either. Love is Everything. Love is really all that matters. I wish everyone could see and feel that too. To share. To give and not just take!

Sometimes I feel like I am carrying a burden that is just not fair. And I am tired. I am closing down my hamper business online. It’s caused nothing but ridicule to those who should know better.

I am enlightened to how sole traders are screwed by Facebook Ads, Twitter Campaigns, Google marketing and expensive website management. I really don’t believe anyone can make an honest living these days. The idea of faking who I am to make a living does not appeal. It is one of those days for me and I am sorry. I am going to live on a boat and enjoy myself. Love is the only way.

Will always blog. Perhaps need to think about the feelings of others a bit more and I apologise. I think my online presence gains more attention than I seek. I keep it simple. Twitter should be banned. It’s a hell hole. Never read such bullshit. Apart from a few good volunteers it is all lies.


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