Bullying via social media to include youtube

There’s a lot of people of all age groups, being attacked online. Mostly with indirect ways from bullies and stalkers who use their majority or influence to persecute the vulnerable. To include men and women with mental health issues. This has to become illegal. If those who do the deeds are not prepared to speak face to face with the voiceless and/or vulnerable who have every right to enjoy all aspects of social media – to include YouTube – the bully/bullies should be held accountable in court and face their consequences. Bullying costs livelihood, well being and worst case, bullying cost lives. It is a horrid vicious cycle to be in. Furthermore, no volunteer or care worker should feel unable to participate in group activity. Speaking directly is the best way forward. Only a coward would refuse to do so. If you endorse, encourage or participate in the bullying process, you are just as bad.

It is better to stand on your own two feet than fall into a spiteful mass of which has no purpose. TBH ©

I am still making and selling my hampers for Christmas and I am donating them also to raffles for smaller causes and individuals suffering hardship. Contact me Here

I Love You. Tiffany. X

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