and off we go! #diary

Well it is almost 12.30pm in the UK. As usual, I cannot find my phone. I am in Leeds today and we’ve a party to go to this evening. But I am not going to indulge in the drinking as I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow.

I will be catching up with some writing assignments and my own work in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know about you but autumn and winter make me feel really creative and less inclined to travel but we have to keep moving. I suppose, if we don’t follow our hearts, our feelings get left behind.

Have a peaceful and beautiful weekend and may all the love you give others come back tenfold. I think it’s about helping those who are going through similar experiences we once did. To not forget how it feels to be there and give people a hand up. But to also take care of our own needs. Finding the balance. Love is the Answer. Nesting. Baking. Sharing. Time by the sea and wandering across fields. Making sure the dogs are okay. Giving the fluffy little darlings freedom and variety. Being a good friend. Letting family know you love them. Simple.

Whilst most people are gorgeous, remember, there are those who get off by hindering kindness. Stand tall. Face ahead. Energy flows where attention goes. All you need is one bad penny to tip the apple cart. So watch your change. TBH©

I haven’t been taking photographs or making little travel videos as much I used to either and I love to do this. I find it grounding and therapeutic. As I do, reading blogs. Which is another thing I need to catch up with. So off we go again! I leave you with this photograph of my favourite suitcase. Not posh but very cute. These pups could tell a million tales.


And here is a hamper I made for a very special little girl who I need to visit. More about that soon. Be prepared to melt. She is one brave lady!



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