dating site #diary

Someone asked me to join a dating site to write an article at the weekend. I was reluctant but I agreed. 30 minutes later, I withdrew the offer.

This was my first and last encounter. The previous conversation here was not something I could post for fear of profanity.


I also leave you with someone’s bio that does perhaps nail why he is single? This really is the truth. Reads as follows:-



14 thoughts on “dating site #diary

  1. Oh my. I dipped a toe into the internet dating scene. It’s a minefield. That profile could do with a damn good edit in my opinion! And they complain about people not making an effort! Pfft.

    1. It was as though I was standing naked in a cattle market of rejects where they wore x ray specs. They’re certainly not your average meet on the high street people. As if a guy would turn up on a first date in his underpants with one hand tucked down them. They think being online is a means to an end. It has inspired a book to be honest. Poor sods. Not a clue.

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