real love and fluff #diary



Just found a photo of me and baby Angel taken last year. I look a little like Baldric here. Angel is 10 this Xmas. We’ve been through so much. Dogs make the best memories. Their strength and courage throughout our hurdles are forever consistent. My darling little girl.




And here is my favourite photo of the week from another darling girl. Therapist and Healer. Advocate for only goodness and kindness. It is people like this we should respect and admire, for they give from a pure heart. Wanting nothing but good for others and this to me, defines real wealth. I would do anything for this person. She is my friend and guru. We help one another in ways too magical to explain. And in ways that do not require validation or justification. I am so very protective and proud of all my soul family girlies.


Karlyn is also a vegan and volunteer/fundraiser for #dogbus, seen here wearing a faux savvy and sexy Cossack hat with pride. A picture posted on Karlyn’s private corner last week for friends and family. Faux fur is not only cheaper and does not cost lives. It is machine washable. I have a rail full of faux fluffies.

Great thing being, the un-trained or ignorant eye can’t tell the difference. We can all go faux. There’s shops on the high street selling faux’s for as little as £20 and then of course, charity shops. The best place to find bits of glass and class hidden in corners. Autumn, winter = times for nesting and crafting space. Finding our inner Goddess and delighting all with what is free or comes in divine packaging.

We hope your week is filling you with inner fulfilment and a sense of charitable giving that money cannot buy and only a good heart can give. Less is More. Love is the Answer. Please continue to speak with me about your experiences of harassment, stalking and bullying. Together we can raise the frequencies of pure love and abundance for the infinite karmic law. We are one. Send pity to those who know no better.


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