love yourself today and tomorrow

I was speaking with a friend today who has a bully. I told her the more attention you pay to an evil person, the more they will take it. Because a bully will have any attention for all the wrong reasons. They want a reaction. They are unhappy people who try very hard to be something they know they can never be.

As soon as you get on with your life your bully will find someone new to target. Life is too short to put up with hate. It really does worry me so many people feel persecuted and most of them are vulnerable in one way or another. How can anyone who constantly scores points of another feel good about themselves? We have to remember not everyone is ‘nice’ and that is a hard pill to swallow for genuinely good people. Stay where there is love. It is much easier to find than hate. And always remember it is better to be kind. Kindness is the greatest strength of all because kindness is love.

I am getting ready to go out for supper but wanted to write this for all the people who may feel helpless. I have been there. I thought life was unbearable. What good is that to my sons who need their mum.

Christmas is hard because everything seems so lovely and perfect around us. But it is not. Christmas can be very cruel to those suffering hardship. Doing a bit of volunteer work around this time of year is real soul food. Plenty of local causes need us today!

I remember last Valentines day when I used Twitter. I tweeted every person that I cared about to say Happy Valentine because it costs nothing to share goodwill. I was attacked for it by a very dark energy. Never let anything stop you from spreading love. You are love. We are love. Love is Everything! When I look back I believe social media took a huge chunk of my life and I am glad I am free. It is lovely just having a little blog to share things as we go along. Set yourself free and join in with the good people. Less is More.


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