free kundalini #sex #mindset

The kundalini is not about mainstream yoga, meditation’ It is not about sex or tangible contact. The kundalini lies within all of us to be awakened. We can use the source of love to do this. The source despite being found ‘yes’ with yoga and meditation. But of course can be found in all who love unconditionally and maintain we should strive for a better world, not for us, but for the world itself. I feel sad when people translate body contact into mindfulness. We can indeed connect better without trying to control the flesh of another. Today’s society, deny spirituality but embrace pornography. I dismay. I am sorry Mother Nature. Gaia. I am sorry for men. I am sorry for men, because so many don’t care about you. But the sisters do. The sisters love you. Like I say, unconditionally. TBH©

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