#diary my heart for 2017

What you do in this life, determines what you get in the next. So be careful what you step on. TBH©

I tribute this quote to the most admirable young women I believe to be on this sphere at any one time. If I could describe what I was like or wanted to be when I was young, it would be Shelly Asquith. She is so real – an integral part of me in all ways. And if anyone hurts or causes her any type of anguish I swear – I will make you feel like you wished you were never born. Past or present. The soul has not determination on manipulation. I see everything!

To My Gorgeous little Minx Shelly. From one brilliant activist to another. I seriously bow down to you. Stay in your power and stay being recognised – for the quiet ones like us need you. We need you for us to bring the love together. Thank You My Sweet little Angel and by the way. This has nothing to do with politics. Nothing. This is from me to you.


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