no excuse for hate.

It is fine to have problems. We all have problems but to bully a vulnerable target because of your problems is nothing short of pure evil. Think about what you are doing to nature. Love From. Me and My Circle. TBH©

4 thoughts on “no excuse for hate.

  1. I can’t speak for women, but this kind of failure in the male shows a distinct lake of manhood. Yeh, Life’s not fair, either deal with it, or if that doesn’t work smash up unwanted and broken household stuff until it’s out of your system. (On a ‘bad’ day I can fill three recycling bags with torn up paper of all sorts!)

    1. Very true. My sons always say when a man feels anger he should go do some sport and not pick on the vulnerable. A match is over in an average of 90 minutes. Fair competition. Bullying takes it to the lowest level. No time for bullies. Especially ones that pick on those less able to have a voice. Well put my lovely Roger. XX

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