Star Wars – The Last Jedi #review

chewbaccaWe went to see the new Star Wars film yesterday. Wore my 3D glasses. It was awesome. Darth Vader played a great part in particular. We see a different side to him. Favourite had to be Rey though, of course. What a role model! Loved the battle of emotions. Adored the animation and creatures. Only one thing I felt lacked is that Chewbacca had a bigger part? I really must get round to buying his costume. Always wanted to feel what it is like to be him for a day? Perhaps I could run around the Welsh mountains – you know, create a new tourist attraction? Nothing is impossible. You heard it here first. Myth broken … haha!

A movie about the force of love against darkness. Ended a little boy picking up a magic broom. Perhaps he will be the next Luke Skywalker? We shall see. Off out now to make a wish for nature and put it on a tree. May the Force be With You. TBH©


3 thoughts on “Star Wars – The Last Jedi #review

    1. You know. I recently thought about writing down some of my favourite films. I don’t have a genre. Just like to feel as though I have escpaded or being mindfully stretched. I watch a lot of younger movies too. Love Paddington Bear Move 1 and 2. But then I love Quentin Tarantino too. What about you?

      1. i like to read a lot (though i haven’t had the time for one single book for an entire month), and my preferred genre is fantasy., where things and life have no limitsI’m also on the final stages of publishing my first book, and yes, it’s fantasy. i also enjoy a good romance/suspense nd thriller. and oh, a good historical. it all depends, i guess, on the writing and how good it is.

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