nice little read here #book #review Celestine Prophecy

This is a page I just opened from the Celestine Prophecy. It is not a bible or book of instruction. It is a book about nature and freedom. A story book. They say the book ‘finds you.’ It found its way to me many years ago. I gave it to my youngest son on his 18th Birthday.

Recently I bought it again for a neighbour who is on her pathway. Just now I opened the delivery parcel and held the book. As I did I was suddenly aware of the birds singing so much more vividly. The temperature dipped and as I stared at the cover. I knew it was time to read it again. It’s a story that can be interpreted how you wish. It takes you on a journey. Particularly if you are ready to explore our beautiful planet in combination with your inner value and core purpose of truth and sincerity. I hope you find it too, one day.

Particularly those ‘small few stuck in the 3rd dimension’ who spend an unhealthy amount of time stalking the positive – in a frenzied attempt to turn a love that does not belong to them into a negative, for money. Money is not bad, it is only bad in the wrong hands. Power is not bad. It is only bad in the wrong hands. If you have a gift, use it wisely or, be careful. Because gifts can become a curse. I would suggest you avoid trying to damage the natural tapestry of life. It causes great disaster. Much bigger than I could ever try to tell you. So work it out for yourself, perhaps? A tweet – a FB post. A fake fan account. A paid story about your ‘faked’ success. It all back fires. Believe me. It is time to wake up. Anyway my food has just arrived. Time to indulge.



9 thoughts on “nice little read here #book #review Celestine Prophecy

  1. The book found you Tiffany,

    I’m sure you’ll read it with an open mind.I agree, “money is not bad, it is only bad in the wrong hands”. We can apply that in every situation ,right .The gun is not useful in a scary hand 🙂

  2. Hi there, I finished this lovely book a couple of days ago, I must say it is the perfect “coincidence” that helps a person to rethink their spiritual journey.
    It made me question my reality, and the things that I want in my life. Suddenly, mundane and a little shallow worries stopped being important somehow…
    I’m glad this book exists!

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