Misha the Aardvark over rainbow bridge! Fire and bad intention. The third dimension working on dark levels.

There has been a tragic accident in London UK at London Zoo. An aardvark named Misha has been burned to death in a fire. There are meerkats missing. We say animals belong in the wild but they’re been burned there too! Fire is not a joke. Fire is the opposite to natural balance when used without a spiritual knowledge. It is disgusting what we are doing to our planet. Ill intent and bad mindsets will manifest through wrong intention. I hope that no more creatures are lost in this treacherous fire!


We cannot continue to rely just on text books, dated fiction, biased news and the spoken word to move forward. We need to understand that the will of love really does exist. To spread the positive instead of turning so much love and unity into a negative at every opportunity just because of ignorance and resentment. Any person who sincerely walks with nature and animals would not want to do this.

There are more and more people coming together against the vulgar few that strive to drive us apart with their bravado and sense of animosity. There is a much bigger picture. It will all be apparent one day, when it is too late. We should be grateful to be here!

Be careful what you wish for. I have never wished physical harm to anyone or anything. You cannot define where your bad intentions will land! We are working in much higher dimensions than some realise. Love is the highest frequency and the most powerful force on this planet, so if you don’t want to be a part of that – get help – start today – think about the consequences of your ego and intent. It is about the journey, not the destination. If you are not happy in life – change it and let the light do its work. The world will be a much better place when we have shifted the third dimension on once and for all. And the way to do that is to radiate so much love it deflects the evil on this planet.

Tiffany. X

4 thoughts on “Misha the Aardvark over rainbow bridge! Fire and bad intention. The third dimension working on dark levels.

  1. We tread a delicate balance.
    There are many brave and selfless individuals in some cases literally putting their lives on the line to do good. On the opposite side whereas the greed, arrogance and cruelty are nothing new in our history the means to spread them ‘efficiently’ has grown, thus reducing the margin for error.
    There is a choice either embrace Compassion, Tolerance and Respect or become just a thin smear in the fossil record, for we are quite incapable of controlling the massive natural engine which is the world we live upon.

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