Ricky Gervais = scum of the earth.

While we are all fighting about such childish and irrelevant issues of absolutely no circumstance whatsoever – based on parasites with no real common knowledge of anything other than to win as many prizes as they can. We could at least try to stop local establishments taxing high street businesses so much, they go online to do the same then only to be thrown to social media and all the expense that goes with it. No wonder community is in a mess. There’s no truth in any of it. It is all complete rubbish. A real man in this ‘gender’ pecking tree would be on the streets learning how to get business back in to reality. It really is that simple.

For example, we have a man such as Ricky Gervais that has built a vast bank balance due to lies and deceit using social media as a weapon. If a talentless man such as this. A man who uses his presence to intimidate the vulnerable. A man who brags about his dislike of all minority groups, guised as comedy. Well if he thinks all minority groups are ridiculous why does he not ‘publicly’ laugh at the volunteers within the animal rights sector who he has paid ‘others’ to rubbish behind the scenes.

I do not hate anyone, but this year I have learned to detest a man who has no life experience. A trail of disaster behind him in terms of loyalty and friendship. Big bank account. Small existence.


7 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais = scum of the earth.

  1. I am always wary of those in the public domain who carry the banner of being Outrageous, Edgy or ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’. There is often something of the cruel or insensitive in them. They seem to inhabit the word of privilege garnered by the wealth of their success then pop out every once in a while to say or act in some unpleasant way just to make sure everyone knows where they are.

    1. A mark of depression from a boozer that is not addressed but rather used as ‘comedy’ to make a noise loud enough to bring hurt and despair to the vulnerable. Cannot stand the man. A coward of our time. I try to see good in everyone but it gets to the point where you feel physically sick at the thought of being in the same galaxy as such a low life. A bully, through and through. He has put friends of mine in jeopardy. Used his fame to cause hardship and hid behind animal welfare, for money. x

      1. I’m sorry to read this Tiffany. I won’t ask you to repeat the details in public in case this puts you in an invidious position.
        Take care

      2. I have nothing to fear my darling. But thank you. The lives of the meek may make millions for the trodden. But in the bigger frame, the universal law does not work with money. So I am fine. Thanks Roger for this year. Always dropping by. I am guilty of not reading as many blogs as I wish I could. But for next year there will be more pensiveness and crafts. I am hoping to learn to play an instrument. Am relocating. Lots going on. Give your family a great lot of love from me Roger.

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