Happy New Year Bloggers!

Last year was my biggest adventure. It seemed to last forever too. I learned so much about the world and ‘humanity.’ There are some beautiful people out there. A few years ago, I did not think anything could restore my trust in human nature, following a chain of incidents that are difficult to forget. In fact – they still continue but it is about putting our energy ahead of all that.

I love to write. Though, it is not my main activity, as I cannot bear sitting at home all day. I love to travel too and am a sucker for ‘community.’ But during these cold months we have to consider our safety on the roads. I travel with two tiny dogs. They matter. Evie feels the cold – she is still a puppy. It has been hard for me to see all the people I want to see over Christmas and the New Year. So, I have kept it tight … It’s been, well, ‘quirky’ and fun …

I do know, I have to get a book finished. It is not easy to write as it is about my journey and to do this I have to re-live parts that are uncomfortable. But I hope it will help others. Like everyone, I do have a ‘personal’ life too that is my own keeping. I learned that putting too much on the internet encourages those ‘two out there’ who already have a voice to use the material for their own purpose. A dreadful and horrid thing, but it does happen. Where positives are turned to negatives from an ivory tower – stuck in darkness. I must protect those I love who get pulled into it. It is just not fair.

I love to come here, to read blogs and chat with others who have their words and hobbies. WordPress keeps me sane. Less is More – I will be back in the Spring with more news! So a big Happy New Year.

Bye for Now! Tiff. X

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year Bloggers!

  1. Happy New Year Tiffany! That dog!
    Writing is a very strange thing. The idea of it is so different from the reality. I struggle with this too. Since starting work again, all I’ve really been able to do is steal 15 minutes occasionally writing on my phone on the train! It’s not enough!! I could do more but when I feel spent I tend to choose mindless BS instead. A new approach is required. Anyway – for every thing, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. We will find our voices. It just takes some perseverance and coming at it different ways until you find one that works. Or put another way … throw enough shit at the wall until some of it sticks. This is my standard approach for achieving anything substantial in life!

    1. Dave. You are such an inspiration. Writing to me is a hobby but I do have to finish what I have started as I feel I am letting people down. Especially my family. It is not about ‘money’ or ‘recognition’ it is about sharing a story that needs to be heard. To help others. Which is similar to what you do. I am doing more with interior design too so want to give it all my heart. I love to bring walls to life. So being on here is surplus to requirements. I just have (like you again) such an inquisitive mind. But we realise, that we sometimes attract the wrong attention and all our own ideas go wasted elsewhere. I have to protect what is mine now. I love you to bits. You have my email address. You are one top bloke Dave. Love to your family and one massive cuddle to you sweetheart. Thank You! xx

      1. Ha funny you should say that. I was thinking about that today. That maybe I’m due a social media holiday again. Like booze, and fags, I can’t do it in moderation! And ultimately, for me anyway, it’s pouring my water out on the ground. No one cares. We should be putting it into real life or meaningful things, like that book you mentioned.
        Addictions are a bitch, and these social media companies exploit that to profitable effect.
        You have a lot of irons in the fire – I hope it all goes well and see you back here once that books is done and I will read it, but it will be slow I’m afraid! Happy New Year Tiffany. Love to you and your family too x

      2. Thanks Dave. Social Media is for many a means to purvey a life they are not really living. When I am sitting in a room with someone. I do not go online. Or worst. How can people go on it over dinner? It is hard to define reality when there is so much that is not real. Even the news is mostly fake but people sap it up and give an opinion of others they do not know or understand. That is why I love to read blogs. They are from the heart in most cases. I would love you to read the book. I am unplugging the internet tomorrow. That is my way of focusing. I get rid of it. I don’t even have a smart phone now as I found out people can find out where we are etc. I don’t like that. It is not safe for children in particular. That people can track them. Google put a thread in every phone and it is impossible to remove it. I found out I was being stalked by my phone so my children told me not to have one. So awful. What a world. But blogging etc, here is gorgeous. I shall miss it for the time I am away. But I will never be bored. Keep writing Dave. You are so gifted. You must never stop. Tiff. X

      3. Ha! Thank you. I don’t feel very gifted but I do enjoy writing. Well, “enjoy” is a strong word. Let’s just say it keeps me out of trouble some days.
        I not long got my first smart phone. It’s ideal for writing on busy commuter trains and in my lunch 1/2 hour, but that’s about all I use it for. I deactivated all the location and wifi and data stuff so it’s just a normal phone. I refuse to do the internet on it. But it really wouldn’t surprise me if “they” still secretly monitor all that stuff regardless. You’re right – we are buffoons to invite these trojan horses into our lives. I held out for the longest time as well! It was the same with mobiles, Tom Toms, and social media. They all got me in the end the bastards!
        I agree about taking a break to get things done. That’s the only way I got my book finished. Complete radio silence. It’s tough to do at first, but then it seems so obviously the right choice once you’re spending your time writing instead. But I know you have other projects/businesses to attend to as well as writing. So it’s more tricky for you. I hope you find a way though. I wish you all the best with it Tiff and we shall see you back here soon. David x

      4. You can find software online to search for your number. I found my own location within seconds. Where work is concerned. I believe in co-creation. Trade offs. If everyone shared, there would be no poverty. The greedy fucks at the top are keeping it all in the bank while the slaves are digging for pennies. I treat my dogs better than some people treat others. I too have fallen for the ‘give my time freely’ curse in the past believing I could trust people. I got it wrong. Trust yourself, the rest follows. Although I do admit I have a circle I could trust with my life now. No matter what/ So I am lucky. But it has not always been the case. Time tells. Good people are those who let you fuck up now and again without judgement. They see the good. Not the bad. Good people make us feel good about our decisions. You always make me smile. I love your mind. You’re a genius in denial. You do not realise how capable you are. If you visualise what you want it will happen. Make it a good wish.

      5. I think I’m doing the visualisation thing wrong because I’m still not in a corduroy drinking hall being chased by naked viking women on roller skates. I jest of course! I’m glad you’ve found a circle of friends you can trust. I always struggled with that. Seems I’m an asshole magnet in real life.
        I think your way of collaborating and all that is the modern way and I think you will do very well with it. You’ve got to have that knack with people and either you’ve got it or you haven’t. There’s no playing catchup on that. a lot of people talk about failing your way to success and it seems to work, but again, I’m crap at it. I have to do one thing at a time, immerse myself in it and I tend to go OTT on it. The trouble with perfectionism is you start a lot of things you don’t finish and some things you don’t even start. The collaborative many-irons-in-the-fire thing is better. I just don’t have it in me when it comes to creative stuff. Last time I tried it someone died for fuck’s sake.
        Anyway I am keeping you here replying when you’re meant to be on your internet embargo. Margot! So I shall say ta ta for now Tiff x

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