strong women

One for the feminine. And don’t forget it ladies!

Strength is sexy. BE Sexy. We’re ALL sexy!

Stand in your power. No is the new Yes!

Women! You are no man’s slave. Walk free.

When you love yourself. The right love finds you! TBH©

25 thoughts on “strong women

    1. Touche my friend. Most men are beautiful. They just need to feel loved too. A double edged sword. It is all about moving on and not being twisted in revenge. Being free and happy to love. (Hope you are feeling well) thanks for dropping by. Small Steps Andrew! x

    1. Your blog is so interesting. I think what helped is we do not have to wait for other people to love us. We can forget that and realise it is about removing the expectations we have from others and loving who we are. When we spend time alone with nature or doing something we love away from the internet, new feelings happen. I believe we all have an Angel on our shoulder. I am writing a book about the last few years of my life and when I lost my way it was because I looked at the negative around me. We cannot heal other peoples problems or opinion of us. Sometimes we have to walk alone to find new doors. I do believe you are amazing and I hope your blog continues. Thank you so much. Life is very short. The people who have hurt you will find their karma. It does not escape anyone. There are people who are NOT awake who will hold empaths back. Stay in your light and power. Stay true to yourself and you may find that the way you are feeling is showing you better ways ahead. Less is More Ruth. Thank you again. 🙂

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