‘exposure to darkness on the internet’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

When I am in the real world, I lead a quiet life. I am not one for nightclubs or parties. (Christmas I find too overwhelming.) I speak with strangers. I speak with people I find interesting – engaging. I cherish each day of my life. But the internet is different. We do not know who we are letting in. Whilst I love the blogging community – being online is also a window to the rest of the world and there really are parasites and vampires out there. Although the human form seems quite straight forward. We usually have two arms – two legs – a torso – a head. This is only a visible identity. Below the surface lies many other entities and unknown factors beyond explanation. So we have to protect ourselves.


I cannot say it enough. A lot of the human race are not awake. They are stuck in the third dimension and they cannot change because they are not and do not wish to be spiritually connected They are quite simply ‘toxic.’ Sneering at anything other than their own sense of existence. They feel jealousy, resentment, revenge and putrid intent in large unhealthy measures. And they are not often people we stumble across in our real ‘personal’ world. For they would not get into our light.

So, for those who are awake – please always try to protect yourself. We can do this by imagining a beautiful pure clear crystal dome surrounding our aura. Our outer layers. A protective layer. But also know it is fine to remove this protective layer when in good energy fields – as we must engage with the universal flow. But when I am online I always call in my protection.

Yes. When I am on the internet I work with my third eye. For it is only peace and love which magnetise all that is with the knowledge of inner sanctuary and appreciation – for the highest order of the love frequency. Now I travel once more to continue my work. I can feel such draining energy today. But it will move. Energy beyond darkness. Move on. Shift. I feel energy induced by alcohol and ill intent. This is not a good energy I am feeling. And it only happens when I spend an unhealthy amount of time on this internet.

A sense of knowing when the darkness of others attacks us is when time seems to move too fast – but we are doing little. This could potentially mean our ideas – good intent and soul purpose are being drained by those on the dark side. Remember. Always daydream in good places that fill you with happiness and love.  

I think perhaps, as I am writing my truth in my book, my portals of connection are too vulnerable to be in an open arena. But I do know we cannot find the light until we have experienced the darkness. And today I write a chapter of such darkness. I am reliving certain horrors – since gone – now behind me. I send love to our circle and may we continue to work as one. Keep it tight. Block out the negative.

May the winds blow with grace and passion. May nature deflect all that is of no constructive purpose to the fire of karmic law. Stand behind me. For I hold a torch of love in the face of evil.

Love is the Answer. To Love All. Especially Yourself.


7 thoughts on “‘exposure to darkness on the internet’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

  1. This is beautiful, and really reminded me of Plato’s theory of the cave. The idea that many people see nothing more than shadows in the world, and refuse to believe those shadows are not the true forms. Whilst just a select few are able to see beyond those shadows, to see everything in it’s true form and the bright light that creates those shadows. I think you are totally right, not everyone is truly “awake”. The ability to be awake in this way is a wonderful thing, and gives people an ability to make a true difference and inspire those around them. Really beautiful post.

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