a difficult week for unity but we got there #diary

We have good weeks and bad weeks. Some people just bounce along. An empath will struggle more ’emotionally’ because they feel the pain of those they hold close. Whereas, arrogance can shrug it off – even thrive on the hardship of those which struggle – as they are in a constant state of competition and rivalry – making things difficult by being cold blooded and smug.

Spirituality may be combined with most things – all religions and race – but not with resentment and fabrication. Mimicking and false intent. TBH©

We can stay away from the arena – but it does not mean their obsession will not stop following us. It’s been a week of ups and downs for me. Not in my own personal world though. l am writing away in a beautiful place. I’ve a couple of mentors who I’d trust with my life that are reading each chapter. It’s fun! I.L.U.

When we sell our souls to media they have the power to destroy lives. This can only enforce my way of thinking, that less really is more. Newspapers are just comics, but sadly, too many people use them as bibles. Social media is largely fake. Be your own voice. I am so glad my sons are just out there, working hard and making the most of life. I’d hate them to fall into the trap of a false reality. (Proud Mum.) Surround yourselves with true intent and everything works organically. I’m a big believer in moving on. When people hurt us with intent, forgive, then – keep moving. When people hurt our friends and family with intent. Well. That’s a different matter. Cowards hide behind keyboards and paper. I see you!


7 thoughts on “a difficult week for unity but we got there #diary

  1. Gave up buying newspapers years ago. Never trust any ‘commentary’ on YouTube.
    I feel much happier.

      1. MAD magazine, back in the 1950s in a parody of Superman had Clark Kent working at ‘The Daily Dirt’.

      2. I some old paperback collections I purchased back in the 1960s; they are just about hanging together.

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