chapter 8 – #book happiness overload #diary

It’s hard work reliving the past, but I am getting there … Each chapter runs from past to present. An emotional and sometimes shocking roller coaster. Healing. Truth. Abuse. Hate. Love. Unity. Strength. More Courage.

~My Journey~ Standing up to spite and revenge. Violence. Gossiping. Lies. Internet Bullying. Stepping down to jump into the arms of true love. New Friends. Old Friends. Angels. Solidarity. Fundraising. Walking Alone. Together. Both. Bravery. More Love. Even more Unity. Derby – Wales – Leicester – Warwickshire – Leeds … Boom! Men at best. Women at worst. (Collectives of hate and vice versa.) Love wins. Hate burns. Animals exploited. Filth.

More Love, courage, strength, passion and TRUTH! Mindset. Spirituality. Faith. Hope. Are you awake?

Hello you bloody sexy trees. Feeling inspired … Love is the Answer! TBH©





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