bubble cars in America … #diary


A few days ago, I posted a picture of what I thought was a Messerschmitt bubble car. I’ve been chatting with a man named John in America, (who spotted my blog) and he collects them … OMFG! John informing me, it’s a Heinkel not a Messerschmitt. It is on the number plate too … uhum



He collects Heinkel, Trojan, Messerschmitt, FMR, Zundapp Janus, Iso Isetta, Velam Isetta and BMW Isettaa. He also has a Caterham 7 – plus, a vintage Morgan 3-wheeler in his indoor junkyard. What a dream! I am now in a state of wonder. I must have one! Discovering a bit of eccentricity really does add dazzle to the week. TBH©


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