Dramatic Textures by Tiffany Belle Harper #photography

Tiffany Belle Harper Design and Crafts

When heaven meets Earth with her colours. TBH©


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10 thoughts on “Dramatic Textures by Tiffany Belle Harper #photography

  1. Gorgeous. Clouds are my favorite to photograph because they are so every changing in texture and color and shape and movement

      1. I freaking love the purple. My favorite is the purple puffy fluffy clouded sky.
        I love going back after and looking at the pictures and finding things that I didn’t see in them before.

      2. Same. We all need to see magic. I feel sad for people with closed third eyes stuck in the third dimension. The more we believe, the more the universe shares with the awake! 🙂

      3. I found purple after your picture. Just posted it!!! Brought so much joy to me all inspired by you!

      1. Oh Life can be full of things. Since I retired there’s WP, military reading etc (my thing), superhero books to collect, Netflix to binge, garden (always a sort of natural raggedy edge of woodland thing) to talk with my own writing projects and that’s just for starters!! 😃

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