left handed anxiety at 3am

Isn’t handwriting fascinating … I don’t know what’s more captivating. Words or the way they’re written? I’m a left paw and I never write the same way. I can write with my eyes shut too. (I’m a left-handed dyslexic with a very big imagination.) Right now … I’ve got dreadful insomnia. Cannot stop worrying. Then when I am tired and able to sleep it will inevitably be time to get up! The joy of trying to write a book in isolation. It’s getting to me … And now I will meditate to see if anyone else is conscious. Or maybe I will craft some geometrical piece of art. Either way, I am in the wide awake club … Oh Fuck! TBHΒ©

17 Comments on “left handed anxiety at 3am”

    • Gosh. What a relief to hear. Yes it is draining. I take on others peoples fears. I have been trained to detach myself but not doing very well at the moment. This is why we often become depleted. Or perhaps it is mere moon energy … πŸ™‚

      • I hear ya’. It’s hard to detach. Even my work revolves around helping people, and I have a hard time letting it go at the ends of my days. It’s a good thing to care, but its fatiguing at times, thats for sure. 😊

  1. I sympathise Tiffany. Sometimes my head just gets full of ‘stuff’ and I can’t switch off. There’s my trusty mp3 player and ‘Sounds of Nature’ get played often at 1am.
    Best wishes

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