a vulgar man and a sick woman

There’s one thing worse than a man who ‘get’s off’ on bullying vulnerable women. And that’s the woman who sits next to him and gets off on it too. TBH©

Below is a picture of a despicable couple, who abused common humanity, working for the devils in their fucked up, twisted heads. A dissatisfied duo, lost in their own world of darkness and resentment. Fred and Rose West. May they rot where they belong. We must try to remember a picture is not an endorsement. What goes on in their heads does not reflect the virtual illusions that so many ‘like them’ fake.


More Here about dark relationships – Demonic Couples 

(best avoided my friends – be aware of those you give attention to. They may not be what they seem. Stay in the light. It’s a nicer place.

On a lighter note. It’s a beautiful day. Step outside and leave your woes in Pandora’s box. There’s a whole world out there that’s really quite stunning. You can touch it, you can smell it and you can grab it and make it your own. TBH©


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