beyond words #cotdeath #cyberbullying #abuse social media

How is this kind of thing acceptable on social media? To single out a man who has a reason – who defends children. This is not stand up comedy. This is social media assassination. What kind of world do we live in when people like this use their influence to spread hate and division? To belittle a person for  daring to have values. How can any person endorse or stand by a man who hides behind a fake livelihood? It breaks my heart. Ricky Gervais is a vulgar, despicable little man with a free gun of hate and a full glass of booze who tweets for fame.

How does America endorse his TV shows with children? Where’s the law in balance? Nearly sixty years old – an obsession with likes and shares on social media. He’s annoyance to society.  What a shame to end a good career on exclusion and divison. The Office was such a good thing. TBH©

bully cot death

6 thoughts on “beyond words #cotdeath #cyberbullying #abuse social media

  1. A callous disregard for ordinary people’s feelings. Trying to hide behind ‘every joke’ is a weak excuse anyone should know when they are treading on sensitive ground.

    1. Imagine losing a child. Then defending that right to grieve gets you hung on social media. So many volunteers and good people are leaving Twitter because of his viral explosion of pure hate. I block it. But we all know it’s there. He should be behind bars. He’s a nobody.

      1. Something flipped at some stage and Freedom of Expression turned in ‘Cheap Laughs’.
        He’s not the only one.

      2. It’s a very low mindset. They are young souls, never to return. A blip. It’s fine. The bigger picture is the way. Enjoy the journey. Learn. Teach. Watch 🙂 There’s good people out there with real recognition. Ricky Gervais is by no means an example of today’s talent. A fake.

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