talking to myself #diary

Can’t sleep. Think it’s because I’m on the move again soon – so I know not to get too comfy. Been roaming now since the beginning of January. It’s funny –  but you know – it’s addictive, living from a suitcase (well car boot – I’ve got quite a lot of stuff I take on my adventures.) I also need to make my way to Wales to see Annona at some point. Plus, I’m missing my sons. It’s good though, I’ve got a lot of my writing done and I cannot thank Lucy Brazier enough for her support. She’s checked over each chapter for me. I am rubbish at spelling. I’ve no A Level in English. It’s not something I’ve ever missed, although it would be helpful.

For those who haven’t seen Annona, this is her. She’s a static home. An old girl. But she’s had a make over – so sweet. There’s a lot about her in my book. I know it may seem a bit crazy sharing pictures of spaces on my blog but that’s what I do. I make something out of nothing and I love to share, as it really does inspire others. I know how it feels to  lose everything. I lost my home, my business and I’ve tried hard to rebuild my life. It’s not been easy. So I appreciate everything I have. I love to share. I value everyone from the destitute to the rich. It’s about the individual. Yes I get disappointed. But we have to try. It’s better than hiding away from life’s challenges. We grow through our adventures. By the way, if you want a space for your garden, I can furnish it to suit your character and fill it with magic for you so that all your dreams manifest in that space. It’s true – I do this for people! Sheds – Tents – Static Homes etc.

Not felt myself these past couple of days. Some weird energies around. When I go online I feel as though I become ‘off centre.’ But then I am alone in the middle of nowhere, so it’s also a bit of a life line. It’s getting a balance to write and also relax. I find my best inspiration is to be with nature. I don’t know how any person can write without lots of variety in the real world, because if I become stagnant I get moody. I need to be with nature. It’s a cold February here in the UK. I hope Spring isn’t too late coming. I do have another nest project in the pipeline. Hopefully my best yet, but it’s a big ‘if’ at this stage as there’s a fair bit of research ahead. I believe we need to invest in parts of our country that need a bit of help. Let’s put it that way for now.

Anyway, am going to try and sleep now. Tiff. X

3 thoughts on “talking to myself #diary

  1. Safe and happy journeys Tiffany.
    I understand about being ‘off centre’. Sometimes the various tides which are part of Creation can buffet us about a bit. We keep on having to ‘correct our course’.

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