‘instagram trash and filmstars on ski-slopes’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

The comedic provocateur brings the wrong things to her doorstep. She’s no security – high on a hill – free … unlike he – in a cable car with his bodyguards. Fine. Time. Of no consequence. The perils of decadent living without due care for the welfare – of those less concerned – with too many layers – of chemicals – coated across the faces of porn-stars (a dangerous lot.) Almost like plastic – hiding the natural. Boudoir photography is a beautiful thing. She’s made women look like Goddesses with her lens and care for curves. The woman on the hill – not to thrill.

There’s a fine line between elegance and trash. Elegance has attitude – trash wants cash  …”fuck me honey. ” So get your baggage off her doorstep and jog on – long gone. If  she never sees your face again, it will be too soon. Her lens is pure, it sees love. Your Instagram page is a sordid lie – why try – actions speak louder than cell phones and plastic. TBH©

Gorgeous Photo via feature at >  Sortra (love boudoir when done with style.)


10 thoughts on “‘instagram trash and filmstars on ski-slopes’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

    1. Women should try to enhance what they have and not hide it with what they are not. I love boudoir photography. I used to have a studio in Leeds and I worked with women who had breast cancer. It is important to help women to feel good about themselves. It is a tough trade to crack with style 🙂

      1. If It is for a loved one it’s different to selling yourself commercially. I don’t believe men like women to become so fake they look like a different person without their makeup. I did it for a campaign. I don’t put much about my work in community here as it’s not legal to post pictures of the community. I do understand that. Especially a homeless person. It’s a tough call. But fun to blog.

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