my fire #diary

Drove up a lovely mountain. A break from writing. Dog bonding – Lit a fire. Stack of old Movies. Having a Meryl Streep/Steve Martin day. Doing some romantic comedy. That’s my bag. Nothing intense. Keeping it simple. I’m done with baggage. The only thing missing right now is a joint. (Been ages … little bit of what you fancy now and again. I answer to no-one.)  Just laughing, thinking of the past (book ideas) you know when you go on a first date with a nerd and they ask you to list your fave movies and songs. I don’t do that shit. Would rather not say anything and stare at the stars. Words are cheap. My own company is hard to beat right now.

This town is so gorgeous. I’ve gone into another zone. I cannot wait to get out there and take some photographs. I’m on the top of the Peak District for a week. I need to work out where to buy more logs from? It’s chilly. Oh god, this film is sad. I love Steve Martin. Amen. TBH©


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