My Cheeky little Minx – My Beautiful Angel

For my beautiful sweet Angel. Each time you feel sick – you are full of abundance and love. Each time you feel the pain of the world – you think you are going to die. You are my Angel and I will always be with you. Stay with me. Always. My Darling little Minx. A beautiful Angel who always tells the truth. Never let worry make you sick. I love you. Let’s worry together. My Darling little Minx. I bleed when you cry. You fight for truth and love. Let the sinners be gone for your loyalty to the light. Tiffy. X

2 Comments on “My Cheeky little Minx – My Beautiful Angel”

    • Not always to be vegetarian. I feel oily fish – sardines in tomato sauce on nice hot granary bread. Salmon with mashed sweet potato. Real butter (all organice/free range) a little bit of everything for well being. Juice with turmeric. Grow fresh mint. No white rice or bread. Maze starch. Fresh Oregano. Simple things to play with. Start each day with boiled water and a sliced lemon, let it infuse. Each day without fail on an empty stomach and whenever you can throughout the day. Green Tea too for the day! 🙂

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