Women of McDonald’s speak out via Momentum #IWD2018 #McStrike #video @PeoplesMomentum

Exploitation in the work place. It is not acceptable to pimp women’s time out to make your pockets bulge. How do these fat cats sleep at night?! Life is about give and take. One woman in this video was made homeless with a young child due to zero contract hours. A win win situation for the greedy. Hard workers are treading a tight rope – women who deserve more recognition than a flimsy work contract.

This is a video by Momentum.

Too many people out there are riding on the back of others because they are lazy. The scum of today’s society. Instead of believing all the junk and adverts we read in mainstream press, we should try to use our emotional intelligence. No woman should be going to work and digging for pennies to feed her children. It’s a rotten system and makes me sick to the stomach.


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