seaside gift shops #diary

Just looking at my photographs. I love these gift shops. They remind me of when I was a child, seeing what I could afford with my pocket money. So quirky and typical of seaside towns in the UK. There was a woman working in this shop during extremely cold weather. Nobody around – off season. We may have been her only customer that day. But that didn’t stop her from being open.

As for me, well once more I am full of cold. Second one this year. Have quite a bit to sort out – feel a little frustrated with myself as not getting as much done as I need to be at the moment. But I will get there. I’m writing. I have no deadlines. The last thing I want or need, is to enter into a battle of ‘who sells the most’ and spending hours on the internet trying to get a voice. It’s soul destroying. I go at my own pace. I am setting up a new business in the real world and that comes first. It’s not about money, or being known. To me it’s about inner happiness and being able to spend time with the people I love. I guess we all need a ‘reality check’ from time to time. To be true to ourselves.

I know there’s people out there, where the first thing they do each day is Google their name – such a sorry existence. It’s the children I worry for. A recent survey shows 3 out of  5 children get up in the night to check their inbox.

Less is More. Keeping it real. Anyway, going to juice. Fill myself with natural anti-oxidants.

Tiff. X

2 thoughts on “seaside gift shops #diary

  1. Hope you feel better soon. This is the second round with a cold at our house too. That is sad about the kids now days and just how close they are to their little devices. There is so much to do and see out there in the world, they are missing that. Hope things start turning around with our children of the future.

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