Happy Mothers Day to parents and guardians!

I know it’s a bit strange but each Mothers Day I think about child birth. I gave birth to both my sons naturally. I must have been a glutton for punishment. But I actually enjoyed the pain. I guess it woke me up! At the point of birth, they were ugly sods. Especially my youngest. He somehow broke his nose on the way out and I thought he’d never recover.


When the doctor visited me at home, he said, “a funny looking little thing, isn’t he?”

My GP was a friend of mine and knew I had dry wit. Although, I didn’t find the remark funny – suddenly becoming hugely protective of my baby that ‘really did’ resemble a baby vampire.

“Actually, I believe he’s the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.” I replied. It was at that point I over looked his widows peak and bent nose. A couple of days later he was all perfect and his snout went where it should – thank you nature! But anyway, I’d have loved him no less. Both my sons are beautiful and flawless to me. Mum. X

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